Becoming an Outdoors Woman

On Sunday afternoon I got back from the Illinois Becoming an Outdoors Woman seminar. I attended this last year and was eager to go back. Everything from the facilities to the classes to the food was fantastic and the people were absolutely terrific.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a program that was founded in Wisconsin. As their site says:

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a non-profit, educational program offering hands-on workshops to adult women. We encourage a supportive environment conducive to learning, making friends, and having fun. No experience is necessary and BOW is for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Go to to find seminars in states that offer BOW workshops.

This past BOW workshop was true to form. Participants ranged in age from 18 (at least two brand new high school graduates) to well over 65.

Many classes were offered at this workshop. I participated in Firearms Safety, Kayaking (which was unfortunately rained out), Shotgun I, and Handguns. Shotgun was probably my favorite activity. Shooting moving clay pigeons was a lot of fun, though I need to work on my skills to hit them when they are moving across the field in front of me.

BOW is an awesome program and allows women to try out activities without a lot of pressure or investment. I strongly recommend going to a seminar near you.


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