Carrying stuff

While I carried a much bigger load earlier in the day, on my way to a balloon gig, I neglected to take any pictures. Fortunately, I was going to a potluck, so I stopped at Jewel to pick up a few things.

I know it’s lame to bring non-homemade things to a potluck…but it was hot and I had to work earlier in the day.

At the Jewel we picked up some simple, tasty items: Watermelon, Cider, Cookies, Chips and Salsa.

The Haul

Everything but the chips fit in my pannier. The chips went in Zach’s backpack so they wouldn’t be crushed.

In my Panniers

And away I rode…getting cheers and waves as I had kept my helmet d├ęcor on from earlier in the day ( dropped the rest of my rainbow get up, fortunately).

Pride Helmet


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