Kidical Mass

Kidical Mass is a new movement that a few bikers are trying to get started in Chicago. These are rides that are kind of like the children of Critical Mass. The idea is to get kids out riding in a safe, fun and bike positive manner.

So far in Chicago we are doing a monthly ride in the Logan Square neighborhood and then a floating ride that goes to different neighborhoods around the city. So far this ride has happened in Logan Square, Lincoln Square, Rogers Park and most recently Pilsen/UIC. Next month it is going to be in Albany Park on July 17th, 2010.

A route is determined ahead of time, and we bike in a manner to keep the kids as safe as possible. We also generally make a route to accomodate younger kids who might want to ride a few miles and then just play and also older riders who want to stretch their legs a bit.


I come out and do balloon helmet decorations and also bike adornments. Local bike activist Todd Allen has been bringing out his amazing bike trailer with a sound system and sometimes even a live musician. In the past, others have brought face paint, kids games and more.

It's a lot of fun. Go to

kidical mass




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