The Moth

My friend Dubi Kaufman won tickets to The Moth’s Chicago Story Slam and graciously allowed me to be his guest. The Moth is a New York based organization that presents live storytelling events around the county. The premise is that the stories told at true and are all told without notes.

I first learned of the Moth from my NPR gateway show, This American Life. After I started subscribing to the Moth podcast, it quickly became went into heavy rotation. My favorite was a story told by Kira Salak about traveling alone in Africa:
“My trip to Africa had been tough, but incredible. It was the most empowering thing I’d ever done. I think many young women may experience the same thing I did before I went on that trip: underestimating their true potential, undervaluing their worth.

Her story inspired me, I immediately related and I hope that I can soon follow in her footsteps.

Last night’s Story Slam was entertaining. Perhaps in a year I can come up with a story to tell up on that stage.


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