My bike: 2008 Jamis Aurora

About a month after I got my current job, I spent the money to get a brand new bike. My touring dreams were already planted in my head, so I made sure that I got a bike that would be able to handle it. I chose the Jamis Aurora.

My reasonings for picking this bike weren't the best. I liked that the Jamis could look like Jami's with the introduction of a single apostrophe. If I were to shop again for bikes, I'd definitely do a little more comparison shopping.

However, the Jamis Aurora has proven to be a good friend these past two years. It is a touring bike. The geometry is relaxed, it has eyelets for fenders and racks in both the front and back. Compared to other touring bikes, it is fairly inexpensive.

Some negative aspects:

The sizing is a little strange. I'm between sizes on the bike. I'm riding a 50 CM with the seat set rather high. When I tried the 53 CM size, it was definitely way too big. I'm 5'8" and would normally ride a 54 cm bike. It works, again, I wish I would have tried out some different bikes when making my purchase.

The paint seems to chip pretty easily. Since this bike is also my commuter and I lock it up on a daily basis...the paint definitely shows wear.

Shorter wheelbase than other tourers. When riding fully loaded, care must be taken to make sure your feet don't strike panniers mounted the rack.

Overall, this bike has served me very well. I've logged thousands of miles with the bike and haven't had any complications that were the bikes fault. All complications were most likely my own fault, or freak accidents.


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