Planning August Trip

Since I dream about going on a long distance bike tour, I figure that I should probably try going for a tour that's longer than a weekend. In that vain of thought, I've requested the first week of August off from work and am going to do it.

Now is the time for me to plan this trip and make some reservations and such. August isn't my favorite time to be traveling as I'm a bit of a wimp about heat and humidity, but it's what works with my work schedule.

Since I want to spend as much time riding as possible, I'm going to make this a local ride and will either take the train or drive to the starting point.

Idea 1: Bike around the Manistee National Park and along the West Coast of Michigan. I'd likely drive over and then bike around the the east part of the forest and have a grand finale along the coast. This would average about 50 miles a day.

Idea 2: Bike to various breweries and wineries in South West Wisconsin. For this I would either take a bus to Madison or a train to Harvard, IL and bike from there. I've mapped a rough outline here:

Idea 3: Take the train to St. Louis and bike North along the Mississippi, eventually going inland and catching a different train back to Chicago. This sounds like a fun ride, but I'm really worried about the heat.

Hopefully I'll make up my mind soon, and find companions for all or part of my trips. This summer is really shaping up to be a lot of fun!


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