Public Radio

In addition to biking and making balloons, I'm also a bit of a public radio fanatic.

When I drove to Chicago after college, a few friends had made me mixed CDs to keep me entertained for the drive. One friend had told me about This American Life while I was still in Spokane and I thought it sounded like the most boring thing I could imagine. Well, when he made me a CD, he slipped on a few This American Life Episodes...and I was proven wrong.

I'll always remember the first This American Life Episode I ever heard: Promised Land From the Ira Glass's atonal singing, to Starly Kine's deadpan delivery about her childhoon non-adventure, adventure, I was hooked.

During the next 3 years, I systematically listened to EVERY episode of This American Life. When I had first moved to Chicago, I had a job that forced me to drive a lot, so I had a lot of opportunities to listen to National Public Radio.

Now that I rarely drive, most of my audio consumption comes from my Ipod and I have learned to love NPR podcasts. I'll be posting reviews of some of my favorites.

Chicago's local radio station is WBEZ 91.5. It produces This American Life and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, among other shows.

Last summer they began hosting these Open House Events, where folks could visit the studios, enjoy some drinks and food, and rub elbows with other public radio fans.

These are starting up again this summer with the first WBEZ social on Wednesday, June 9. Check out the their facebook event.


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