Social Ride: Ride of Silence

This is my social ride entry in the LGRAB Summer Games.

I go on a lot of group rides. I’ve even led a few. Usually they are fun, chatty, exhilarating experiences. Last nights ride was in a group, but instead of the usual feelings invoked by groups, instead it brought about sorrow, pensive and profound thoughts.

Last night was the Ride of Silence. In coordination with bikers around the world, we silently road through the streets en masse and visited the sites where other bikers had been killed.

While biking is fun and there is a lot that you can do to minimize the danger, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. A door might open, a car might swerve, a pedestrian may step out, a part may fail. Fortunately for me, all of my accidents have been minor and I’ve walked away with just bruises and a bit of soreness. However, it’s important to remember, and show support for those who were not so fortunate.

In Chicago, bikes painted white and called ghost bikes are often placed near the sites where cyclists are killed. They are a reminder to motorists and cyclist to be safe. The ride last night visited several of these sites.

Hopefully awareness and consideration with prevent more ghost bikes from having to be constructed.


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