Summer Games: Say Hi!

My Summer Games Entry: Say Hi to Another Rider:

Ever since I moved into my apartment in January, I had noticed a bike locked up to a pole across the street. It was almost always there, through snow, rain, sun and wind.

Sometimes I thought that it had been abandoned, but every once in a while, I'd see that it had been moved or wasn't there for an evening.

On my way home from work one evening, I noticed it propped up on it's kick stand right in front of my apartment and saw a young gentleman walking towards it.

I took this opportunity to comment that I had seen it and discovered that the owner was named Roger and lived in the same building as me. Actually, we share a wall (though not an entrance, which is why we had never spoken).

After a brief conversation about our building and landlord and such, Roger took off and I went inside...happy knowing a new neighbor and fellow biker.


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