Thursday=band night

Today is Thursday, which means that tonight is band. I'm proud to be a band geek, even though I'm much less of a band geek than I once was.

Currently I perform with the Chicago Concert Winds. We are a community band that rehearses on the north side of Chicago. Our conductor, Ross Nuccio is an avid collector of sheet music. This band originally met as a loose group of musicians who met to site read the sheet music Ross and others in group collected. Now it is a slightly more polished group who rehearses and performs in nursing homes, schools and other community events.

I started playing clarinet in 5th grade....though I really stopped improving quite a while ago. It's great to have an excuse to get out my clarinet and play away.

If you are a former band geek and are thinking about trying to play again, check out this page to find a group in your area.


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