Chain Tool

While we were biking around beautiful Peninsula State Park up in Door County, I had a pretty serious mechanical chain broke while I was shifting to go up a hill. Here in Chicago, we don't have hills, so I know my shifting technique really needs help.

Fortunately, back when I got my bike multi-tool, I asked my local bike shop, Roscoe Village Bikes to show me how to use the chain tool.

Since I had my tool with me, I set to getting that puppy fixed. I popped off the busted links, and threaded the chain back on. The hardest part was reattaching the links, but after a few tries, I got it to work.

After I finished up, I realized that I didn't document the experience but my filthy hands were certainly evidence enough.

Fixing bike things gives me such a sense of accomplishment...several times over the weekend I'd ask my big haired badass about how awesome that repair was....oh yeah....

So happy that my over-preparedness has paid off again!


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