Good Ol' Fashioned Summer Picnic

This past Sunday I hosted a picnic for my friends and any bikers that were interested in coming. Upon a recommendation, I choose a quiet corner of Montrose Harbor where we set to picnicking for a few hours.

I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy talking to all of the wonderful people who came out.

The only pictures I have is my loaded trailer on the way to the picnic.

Picnic load

I took a Rubbermaid container with four towels, balloons, 2 kites, blanket, tools that I always take when biking, and other random stuff. On top of the Rubbermaid were 2 folding chairs, folding stool and a beach umbrella. Behind that was a six foot folding table. Not really visible was a cooler with 50 lbs of ice blocks, then a smaller cooler with some more cubed ice.

Not quite sure how many people came the picnic. At least 20 at one point…but more came and went throughout the afternoon.

It was a very good time and I’m hoping to do it again in August!


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