Happy Canada Day!

Most teenagers haves something over which they spend a lot of time obsessing or contemplated. Some have cars, or bands or actors. For a time, mine was Canada.

First I thought of Canada as a menace which must be appeased. They are up there in the North, going quietly about their lives…but seeming much better than the United States. They must be up to something. I figured that at some point they would swarm over the border and spread the Canuck way of life to us Yankees. I learned the O Canada, hoping that I’d be able to appease the foot soldiers, or at least confuse them with my northern knowledge.

I was never afraid of Canada, but this obsession soon turned into a desire to be Canadian. I wanted socialized health care, green spaces and a maple leaf as my national symbol. I met Tessa who shared my thoughts about Canada and together we formed a sort of Canada Fan Club at our school. We thought moose were cool and said “eh” a lot.

Eventually we even made Canadian secret agent badges out of cardboard, maple leaves and tape. I think there was a handshake in there as well..

This might explain why I never dated in high school….

Anyway, Happy Canada Day!!!


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