Back from Wisconsin

Fear not, I was not lost in Wisconsin...everything went according to schedule. I am unfortunately have some technical difficulties with my internet access at home and haven't gotten a chance to summarize my amazing trip.

I definitely want to do some more touring in the near future, but am content with just biking to work and around Chicago for the time being.

In the near future I'll have posts on:
Delavan, WI-The former circus colony
Madison and its amazing bike infrastructure
The deliciousness of mustard and why it has it's own museum
The secret in the basement of the Kress Funeral Home
Baraboo Wisconsin, Hula hoops, Devil's Lake and some massive hills
Ringling Bros and the Circus Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright makes pretty houses
House on the Rock is really on a why road side attractions aren't as much fun on a bike
If you're camping and no one is around to hear you...does your chain still break?
Cave in the Mounds...a case study for blowing more holes into the earth
Troll Capital of the World....and Jalopeno beer.
Switzerland is full of mosquitos
Stepford in Northern Illinois

I know that you are eager for these updates...and I'll do my best to get them to you soon...yes, all 2 readers o' mine.


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