Balloon Helmets

Since I've begun twisting balloons, I've stumbled upon an interesting intersect between balloons and biking. It was one of the first things I did when I first got balloons, in fact. I create sculptures for my bike helmet and then ride around in group rides with them blowing around.

The process is fairly simple: Inflate balloons, stick the nozzles through holes in the helmet nad then tie them together.

Several years ago, these creations were pretty simple. THe balloons were inflated and tied together and that was it:

me and Zach

Bike the Drive

November CM

balloon medusa

Then I started getting a little more adventurous with my creations:

maw helmet

fish helmet


Then I started Making them for others:

kidical mass

Now, it's just what I do.


0710 CCM Underwear helmet

Pride Helmet

Essentially, at most group rides, I'm very easy to find...and if there is time, I can make some helmet flair for other riders. It's a lot of fun and usually brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it.


  1. Our small people love the balloon helmet decorations you make them! Kai's last one from critical mass lasted almost three weeks and everyone wanted to know where he got it. It made everyone smile!


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