Dog in a Purse...and "I wonder what that is?"

Last night I was filling in for the wonderful Smarty Pants at his weekly family night at the Wrigleyville D'Agostino's

It was a relatively busy night, but it nicely slowed down as I came to my last table.

I approached the table and wished them a good evening and let them know who I was and enquired as to what they might like for me to create. Immediately the young lady in the booth requested a "little dog in a purse."

The parents immediately questioned her choice...but I just laughed. I love it when kids know what they want...and when it isn't something that I had already made for other kids that same night.

I immediately whipped it up, and while I had never before made a "Little dog in a purse before, it turned out pretty well.


Since I bike most everywhere, that usually includes going to balloon gigs, I have some rather unusual things that I have to carry. Sometimes I'll take a full sculpture...other time's I'll take a bag of balloons, and of course I'll carry my inflation method. I prefer to use my trusty bright yellow Filbert Pump...seen here hanging off the back of my bike:

OT Loaded bike

When I'm biking around town, I normally just carry it slung over my shoulder, and I get lots of questions as to what in the world it could possibly be. I kind of hope that they think that it is a cannon, pressurized gas, or a flamethrower. No one really ever is able to guess.

When I went up to one of my tables, the mother asked me if I had been riding my bike on Lincoln Avenue earlier in the day. She and her daughter had had a little game of trying to guess what I was carrying...and they found out as I made her own creation.

Always fun to be memorable. Hopefully they'll see me another time!


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