Angry Birds

Pig Centerpiece
When I perform at a party, I offer to bring a premade centerpiece sculpture as a gift for the birthday child. Usually this balloon is something to go with theme of the party, or a favorite animal or cartoon of the child.  In the past, I've made Clone troopers, Spongebobs, Cars and Princesses.

A few weeks ago, I booked a party and the mother said that he daughter wanted a pig...and I thought, "Oh no!"

See, I don't make a good pig. And when kids see a cool sculpture, they often ask for the same thing when I'm making requests.   I can make a simple pig, but it looks super lame compared to the other things that I make.  Fortunately, I looked at some pictures, came up with some ideas and here we have the pig you see above.

I'm not really sure what happened to the pig during the party, but it disappeared right away and there were no requests while line twisting for a pig.  The popular options were airplanes and fairies.

I did have one request when I posted the pig to my facebook account....that it should be green and should steal some eggs...more on that soon!


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