I have a confession, I rather enjoy kids movies.  Actually, the last several movies that I saw in the theater can be termed as movies that kids would enjoy, and be allowed to see.

When I heard that Zachary Levi of Chuck stardom was voicing the male lead in Tangled, I had a desire to go and see it.  When I heard that the movie was empowering for girls and well told, I really wanted to see it.  However, as it my wont, it took me two months to get around to going to a movie theater and seeing the movie.

But then I was told that a birthday child loved Rapunzel.  Finally, I had an excuse to see the movie and I called it research.  $4.00, second run movie theater, very important research.  And it's very proven vital that I did this research.  How else would I know that Rapunzel had flowers in her hair when braided or that frying pans are incredibly versatile weapons?

Today I have a party and I'm bringing this as a special gift for the birthday girl:

Research is important.


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