Game Day

Most people who know me realize that sports are not my cup of tea.  That phrase alone likely shows that I can't even make good sports metaphors.

Today, Chicago is apparently playing in a very important game.  I don't think I'll watch it, but I'll make effort to show some civic pride.  As most folks know, when I do a birthday party, I like to bring a special pre-made balloon for the birthday child.  This is one of my favorite parts of doing parties.

The party I'm doing today is for a first birthday.  For whatever reason, the child has not yet indicated a preference for favorite balloons.  Astounding!  I offered to bring a surprise, and thinking of things was tough...cute, and for a boy.

Well, it's the big game day, so I kind of hedged my bets and am bringing two sculptures!  Yes, two!

A bear:

and a Bear:

Here's to hoping that they like them!


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