New Years Eve Dress

After a bit of pestering, my friend Sarah Urbansky of Red Squirrel Collection agreed to collaborate with me to create a balloon dress. We decided that we would have the creation for a New Years Eve fashion show that she was presenting along with several of her other designs.

After discussing colors and designs, Sarah come up with a few ideas and we decided on Tron-inspired futuristic dress.

By the time the Eve of the Eve rolled around, i was excited to get started.  I inflated over a hundred balloons, prepped the maniquin with the model's measurements, and got ready to do the construction.

Doing a dress with the high collar and such was a little more challenging than the strapless dresses that I had made in the past, so I started with getting that construction created.

After several hours and some sore fingers, the dress was ready to be fitted.

Rachel Ann, the model is a student of art therapy and actually used to be a clown growing up in Milwaukee.  She was a perfect candidate for the dress and was a great sport.

Eventually it was time for the fashion show.  Backstage, we all prepped and were ready for things to begin.  I'd never been back stage for a show before and it was an adventure of clothes flying and girls frantically changing for the show.

Finally, it was time for Rachel to go out for the finale of the show:

It was a fantastic way to start a new year.  This year is going to hold many fantastic adventures and promises opportunitiese for growth and reflection.


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