Everyone is the "hero" in their own story

I came across this quote years ago and loved it so much that I emailed it to myself and came across it today when I was doing a long-overdue clean-up of my email inbox. Looking through all my old emails and correspondences was bittersweet, but finding this quote really helped me to put my own story into a better perspective.

Didn't we all wish we were born with superpowers?
Dreams have always been important to me. As a child, I recall having vivid dreams full of action and adventure. Dreams were where you were a hero, where you stood for what was right and saved the day. I always assumed that everyone saw themselves as hero into their own stories because who else could you root for?

A duck in a mask isn't going to solve these problems
Heroism is seen in a lot of different ways, and my view of heroism was probably shaped a lot more by my love of science fiction and fantasy stories where the fate of the entire world rests on the shoulders of the heroes of the story. The real world doesn't actually get saved by a plucky group of travelers united with a common cause.

Anti-Heroes are entertaining
There's a reason why the great works of literature feature more complicated and conflicted characters. Life isn't black and white and a person can be a monster in one portion of their life, while simultaneously being an individual with talent, strength or passion. We recognize this in our literary characters and during the last decade, this golden age of television has embraced this with hundreds of binge-able shows.

Our media is completely full of anti-heroes. Tony Soprano, Walter White, Dexter, all the Lannisters and Francis Underwood were anti-heroes that kept us glued to the couch while we watched what interesting stories can come out of the devious dealings and actions of these fascinating monsters. These shows seemed real, interesting and enured us to the ideal that everyone has deep dark secrets underneath it all.

And we've gotten to the point where we elected an anti-hero as our president. It's like we just said, oh well, we're all rotten to the core inside anywhere, and nothing really matters, at least we should try to make as much money off of this as possible.
How did we get to this point?

I don't know about he rest of you, but when I let my inner-anti-hero nature take over, it doesn't make me feel good.  It's what got me to the point where I was ashamed to show my face to the world.  Where I didn't feel like I was even worth having a story. Where I was a failure and where I just felt like giving up.

It's painful to get low, and sometimes you just feel like starting over from a fresh start and assuming a new identify. Burn your bridges to light your way or close ranks and fortify. I felt like I completely gave up on my dreams.

But the thing about dreams, is that they don't actually die. A lot of times, it's last act that you take that makes all the difference and turns your story around. People find the inner hero inside themselves all the time.

It took a while, but even Darth Vader came around

And so, I'm choosing to have faith and to believe that this period of time where we are letting anti-heroes take charge can't last forever. The better forces of our nature will win out, but it's important to become your own hero at the same time. That's why I'm trying to take care of myself again. Why I want to be stronger.

I'm in the process of building a new website and gearing up to actually run my main balloon business in an efficient and smart manner. I certainly felt like an anti-hero before, but now, with a clean email-inbox, my balloon twisting powers will be a force for good.


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