Fitness Goals

Since moving back to Washington State, I stopped riding my bicycle like I used to.  My balloon business expanded and I found myself driving a lot.  I even bought a car, a 2013 Honda fit, and in the five years I've had it, I've driven over 90,000 miles.

All that driving, combined with just generally getting older and more inactive meant that I put on weight.  I was never one of those slim cyclists who fly up hills, but I probably gained about 60 pounds in the last five years. It's embarrassing, but I'm ready for a change. I joined a gym and slowly without a ton of effort, I dropped about 20 pounds.  I started working out more seriously about a month ago and lost another five pounds.  Here is a before and after picture of me at my heaviest and me at about two weeks ago.

At my heaviest and about 25 pounds down

According to the scale today, I'm down about 30 pounds, so about halfway back to where I used to be.  It's a lot more comfortable, and I can tell that I already have a lot more energy.  The biggest change for me has been to cut out snacking.  I'm continuing to follow a vegetarian diet, but I've added in Intermittent Fasting. I started with just 12 hour fasts each day but am now up to 16 hours.  Making that kind of change was tough at first, but it's gotten easier to just say that I'm done eating at a certain time and just drinking water if my stomach starts to complain.

A new  24 Hour Fitness gym opened up three blocks from my house and we joined in January.  My attendance was pretty sporadic for the first few months, but I've been going pretty regularly recently.  I event signed up for a few personal training sessions so that I could get more familiar with some of the equipment at the gym. It's nice that it is open at all hours, and it has a pool, classes and lots of equipment.

I have busted out my bicycle and finally got her all tuned up recently.  No long rides just yet, but I plan to get some going in the near future. Anyone else have any fitness goals they are working toward?


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