Intermittent fasting and reprogramming how I think about food

It's Wednesday, which mean this is a good time to talk about my fitness goals.  I'm now down about 36 pounds, which means I'm no longer carrying around the equivalent of a cinder block.  I have more energy and all of those clothes which were too tight before now fit just fine. 

The biggest change for me has been to adopt a strategy of eating called intermittent fasting. It's not necessarily a diet, it's just scheduling the times when I eat so that I have at least a 12 hour window where I'm actually fasting. My husband got me started on it, and he's been a great motivator to keep going.
My husband and I
For the most part, I try to have my daily eating schedule set at having 8 hours of time when I can eat, and then 16 hours of fasting (which includes sleeping time, so it isn't really that hard). When I'm fasting I drink water, black coffee, unsweetened tea and sometimes diet soda. I've been doing the fasting for about a month and a half now and what I've noticed most is that I'm thinking about food differently now.

The biggest thing is just not always giving in to my body signalling that it's hungry. More often I'm bored, or emotional or just wanting to get that rush that sugar and fat can bring. Saying no to cravings is hard, but when it's 6 pm, and you're done eating for the day, it's a lot easier to just drink a glass of water and focus on something else.

Yesterday I completed my longest fast so far. I fasted from around 6:30 PM on Monday, to about 8:30 on Wednesday. Partially I wanted to mark 9/11, but I also just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and that food wasn't going to control me. It felt good to accomplish that goal and today I'm back to eating normally.

In general it feels good to be back in control, and with less weight, I'm able to do the things that I enjoy like bicycling.  With 36 pounds gone it's certainly easier to bike up hills!  Last Sunday my husband and I went to our local Sunday Parkways  event and I decked out my helmet just like I always used to do.
Decked out my helmet for the ride

Broke my fast that day with some of the most delicious fries I've ever had!


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