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July 30 Debate Reflections

Watched the debates at the Grand Cinema. The early start seemed to lead to a small audience out here on the West Coast. Audience favorites were certainly Bernie and Warren, though several other candidates got a reaction.
The following are my thoughts on the candidates so far!

Marianne Williamson - Basically the conscious of the debate. She raises good points about the spirit and character of the country. She should really have a TV show. Maybe a church.

Other Congressman guy - The guy from Ohio - I forget his name and really he’s just kind of bland just represents Democrats as usual which is not inspiring. Should just drop out or run for Governor or something. I kept giggling when he brought up his production chief.
Congressman Delaney - I thought it was interesting what we learned about him tonight. Sounds like he was an entrepreneur who made his money in the status quo system. No wonder he wants to keep it as is. Could run for Governor so something.
Klobuchier - however her name is spell…

Solo Performance Workshop

I've had the privilege for the last several weeks to get to participate in a Solo Performance workshop. I knew right away that when I first met Michelle Matlock that I wanted to learn from her. 
Michelle runs Circle Up Productions, an a new venture here in  the South Sound. Circle Up does a little bit of everything in the event world. Basically put, she can make every event incredible.
With a background in theater, clowning and circus arts, Michelle has performed all over the world. However, her roots are here in the Northwest, and she has opened up Circle Up to share her knowledge and skills to help Tacoma truly become the city of Destiny.
Last week I joined Michelle for a sneak preview of the Venardos Circus and again affirmed that I struggle with juggling.

Tonight we had our first exhibit of the projects we have been working on. My performance was a bit off the cuff, but it was just a joy to hear the projects developed by the other participants.
I was exciting to perform again and I…
It's not often field which I am the target market. But I think this device was made for me:
This Bicycle powered Air Compressor.
<iframe width="372" height="239" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Now, I don't know how to build this, but I'm gosh darn it, I'm going to figure out how.
If you or anyone you know can point me in a direction or help me to build this, I'd appreciate it. Or if you know of an even better option to create a pump to integrate in with a bike, that would be great as well.

Monday musings - July 9

This morning when I was biking to work, the Chicken House was having a garage sale. I didnt have time to stop, but I told myself that if that globe were still there at the end if the day that it would be mine.
At the end of a long and frustrating day, the globe still sat, pristine in the yard with the chickens. I only had a $1.25, but it appeared as though any option would be accepted. Triumphantly, with my globe enhand, I cycled the block home.

After some cooking and meal prep, our evening walk was needed. It included community sightseeing, some Reiki practice and light shopping. I visited a library and left a balloon since I didn't have a book. 
Then we checked out the garden I helped out with the previous weekend. Diana, the home owner won over Bonnie the Beagle. Of course, Bonnie has never been particularly picky!

Now the sun is setting and these dogs are ready to settle in the for night.

Actually publishing a post

It feels as though I've found my voice again, but I know I need to refine it's timbre and tone. Of late I've been writing draft after draft after draft of snippets of ideas and thoughts that warrant more exploration.
Today, I decideed to challenge myself to go out into the world and just write a few words about what I saw. It's been something I've struggled with all weekend, which I think is part of my own deep uneasiness about society and the state of politics in the world today.
Ahem...that can get me down another tangent. Today was the last day before I head back to work tomorrow and I needed to get on my bike and just experiece my city. I didn't want to push myself or get in a workout, I just wanted to see.
I pumped up my tires and hit the streets. I meandered past a garage sale where a LuluLarue consultant was making one last push to get rid of product. I saw gardens and cats on porches. I geared down and climbed up hills and ended up at Wapato Park.
You could…

A day of contrasts - Building Community for cyclists

Yesterday was a day full of contrasts.  The city was doing a ribbon cutting for a new bike trail nearby.It turns out that the bike trail was about a half mile from my home, so I invited friends to meet me at my house so we could ride over together and join the celebration.The trip over was not uneventful. The bikes my friends were riding were simply not up for snuff, which is a topic for another blog post. Unfortunately, cycling is an activity which has high barriers for entry, and it's for that reason why community is such a vital need for cycling to be a viable form of transportation.The bike trail was beautiful and I found community at that event. It helped that I showed up with my own community, and that I also knew someone running the event. Plus, it was a clear June day with a slight breeze keeping the temperature down. Seeing infrastructure being built is a positive development for our community.Contrast that with the fundraising event that I went to later that evening. Our…