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A day of contrasts - Building Community for cyclists

Yesterday was a day full of contrasts.  The city was doing a ribbon cutting for a new bike trail nearby. It turns out that the bike trail was about a half mile from my home, so I invited friends to meet me at my house so we could ride over together and join the celebration. The trip over was not uneventful. The bikes my friends were riding were simply not up for snuff, which is a topic for another blog post. Unfortunately, cycling is an activity which has high barriers for entry, and it's for that reason why community is such a vital need for cycling to be a viable form of transportation. The bike trail was beautiful and I found community at that event. It helped that I showed up with my own community, and that I also knew someone running the event. Plus, it was a clear June day with a slight breeze keeping the temperature down. Seeing infrastructure being built is a positive development for our community. Contrast that with the fundraising event that I went to later that eveni