Monday musings - July 9

This morning when I was biking to work, the Chicken House was having a garage sale. I didnt have time to stop, but I told myself that if that globe were still there at the end if the day that it would be mine.

At the end of a long and frustrating day, the globe still sat, pristine in the yard with the chickens. I only had a $1.25, but it appeared as though any option would be accepted. Triumphantly, with my globe enhand, I cycled the block home.

Surprisingly easy to carry via bike

After some cooking and meal prep, our evening walk was needed. It included community sightseeing, some Reiki practice and light shopping. I visited a library and left a balloon since I didn't have a book. 

Then we checked out the garden I helped out with the previous weekend. Diana, the home owner won over Bonnie the Beagle. Of course, Bonnie has never been particularly picky!
Eastside Garden

Now the sun is setting and these dogs are ready to settle in the for night.


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