About Me

In 2011, I made the decision to ride my bicycle around the country making balloon animals, and I actually followed through and did it for about three months.  Then I went home for the holidays and life took over and I never managed to get back out on the road to continue my journey.

Now is thine to get back up off my now-pretty padded butt and to get back to doing what made me happy.  I'm older and married, and my priorities are a little different. However,  I've  also figured out more about who I really am and what I consider important. I'm more knowledgeable and tougher than I used to be.

I'm setting a goal to get back to bicycle touring, though I will likely handle things a little different from now on. My focus isn't going to be my own bicycle adventures, but will be more focused on the community building that I found through cycling before. I've always considered the best way to meet people is on two wheels, so I'll be writing about people I meet while cycling around, attending group bicycle events and also organizing bicycle rides that the community can join.

Dreams can change, but the underlying yearning that we get from dreaming never changes and we can always seek to improve.


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